Ransom Wedding Films

About Us

Thanks for being curious… Here are a few facts about us!


   - Plays the piano and guitar by ear.

   - Thinks food is never spicy enough—He was born in Louisiana.

   - Struggles to get out of bed… every.single.day.

   - Has more hobbies than the average person and loves that his job is one of them.


   - Loves flowers and gardens but kills everything in record time.

   - Thinks iced coffee is more of a dessert with how sweet it should be.

   - Teaches 3rd grade full time and cries on the last day because she will miss them so much.

   - Is often described as super organized but she frequently loses her keys in her purse.

The Couple:

   - They finally got married in November 2013... it was amazingly magical!

   - They are expecting their first child in November of this year! :)

   - Their dogs choose to not listen to them even when they know what they are saying.

   - They love to travel together and their honeymoon was in Australia for 2 weeks.

   - They dated for a month in 7th grade but didn’t hang out again until college.https://vimeo.com/115813300



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